OYA Ventures invests in entrepreneurs and ideas that will endure through the next two decades. We view the new climate change economy as one that will eclipse or completely transform each market sector around the globe. We believe our companies are best poised to be leaders in their respective fields.


OYA Solar

OYA Solar is a leader in the Community Solar market. We are committed to developing, building, and operating solar projects that provide clean energy and widespread economic benefits for communities and our customers including those from vulnerable populations. With a pipeline exceeding 1 GW, we plan to be a top 3 Community Solar owner by 2030.

Polar Racking

Polar Racking is a North American leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of PV mounting systems. The company has a diversified portfolio of rooftop and ground mount products for the residential, commercial and utility scale markets which deliver the highest value to our clients at the lowest cost per kWh.

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CoPower opened in 2013 with the vision that new online tools, and the surge in profitable clean energy investments, meant that it could be possible for Canadians like us—people who care about their portfolios, their communities and their environment—to have it all.

In 2019, we were acquired by Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB), a values-driven bank focused exclusively on partnerships with organizations that drive social, economic and environmental change. CoPower continues to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of VCIB, with back office support provided by VCIB.


PRI Engineering

PRI Engineering is a geotechnical and civil engineering company focused on the renewable energy, municipal and construction sectors in Canada and the Northeast US. The team has some of the foremost expertise in soil mechanics in cold and severe climatic conditions.


Upper Canada Growers

Upper Canada Growers is the leading fruit and nut tree propagator in Canada. The first company to commercially grow and distribute virus indexed tissue culture plants in Canada, UCG plans to scale its business across North America and into developing countries, helping provide food security and resiliency to local communities.




HXOUSE is a Toronto-based, globally focused think-center. Serving its community as an incubator and accelerator, it helps to foster innovation and opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.

HXOUSE embodies the practice of cross-disciplinary learning, anchored in the core belief that by thinking outside your discipline, you can learn how to evolve your craft. Rather than traditional education, HXOUSE seeks to empower through mentorship and communication, engaging the creative mind through journeys and frank discussions surrounding the process and growth across all creative sectors.

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STACK is a fee-free mobile app for personal money management, accompanied by a STACK Prepaid Mastercard. STACK provides a simple way for members to understand and improve their financial health, creating a positive, sustainable relationship with their money, without the stress associated with most financial products or transactions. STACK accounts include a chip and PIN Mastercard prepaid card, providing seamless and secure point-of-sale access to worldwide retailers, global ATM networks and Purchase Protection on every transaction.



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