Opportunity Capital
for Climate Change

Investing in CHANGE

We help entrepreneurs find the opportunity in addressing climate change. We are looking for scalable disruptive business models and technologies that will have transformational impact: to both the environment, and the communities hardest hit by climate change.

Our areas of focus include:


Reducing our carbon footprint is critical to turning back the clock on global warming. We invest in renewables as well as in ideas to reduce energy consumption in the built environment, transportation and supply chains. We want to end the use of fossil fuels.


Sustainability is at the heart of the climate change crisis. Reimagining how we do business and its effects on the environment and society leads to new business models and technologies that reduce waste, increase efficiencies and generate better returns to investors.


Climate Change impacts disadvantaged communities unevenly and creates wealth, environmental and social inequality. We are interested in new ideas that help democratize and provide agency to these communities and let their voices be heard.


Financial solutions for the new climate economy with new approaches to underwrite carbon mitigation, social justice and sustainability projects.

What We

We are active investors, working alongside our entrepreneurs, providing capital, executive insight and access to a global network of collaborators, allowing our portfolio companies to scale faster and more efficiently. We are patient capital with a long term outlook

What we are looking for

We are looking for companies with proof of concept of their business model or technology that require up to $5 million in growth capital in the following sectors:


Renewable Energy

Technologies and projects that will help end our reliance on fossil fuels and help transition us to a distributed and fully electrified grid.


Food Security and Resiliency

Innovation that helps create less intensive, more sustainable and secure sources of food for the local and global supply chains.


Climate Finance

Solutions for the new climate economy that help finance early stage, distributed projects and particularly those that democratize social justice.


Mobility Solutions

Technology that helps transition from traditional mobility or addresses migration as a result of climate change.




Are you an entrepreneur interested in the opportunity climate change presents? Drop us a note, we want to hear from you.